“Great speaker, very interesting subject matter and a brilliant book.” Peter Clayton tells you all you need to know."
Helen Sayer - Evening Standard

Informative, entertaining and useful. Highly recommended."
P. Cranmer

"An excellent approach to the difficult subject of body language . Clayton has a knack of explaining it in such a way that makes sense. I for one am a new convert. Don’t miss him the next time he is in the USA." - Sandra Whittington - NY Times

"Peter has a very interesting and helpful approach to a difficult subject. He has a great deal of knowledge and has been very helpful"
Richard Arnold

"They don't know what's happened to them but they just become aware that they have been analysed correctly"
Andrew Shanahan - The Guardian

A very practical approach to the subject of body language. Well worth a read." - Jane Dawson Daily Mail

“An interesting subject delivered in a useful way. I shall be watching everyone in a different way from now on.
Tom Lyndham - The Independent

“Excellent speaker and a must-read book”
Nigel Randle - Daily Mirror

"Plenty of very useful information when\ traveling overseas. A good approach to the subject. Highly recommended."
Alison Walker - Wall Street Journal

Most specialists in the world of body language generalize too for my liking. Peter Clayton really does understand this specialist subject
and explains it even better.
Jonathan Palmer
Assistant Producer - ITV

Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and Author
Peter Clayton is one of the leading body language experts in the world.  He is consulted on a daily basis by companies, TV stations, national papers, universities and other training organisations who need to understand more about business body language. Peter has a number of different talks and complete training courses to suit different occasions and requirements. Call to discuss - 02380 840376
  Business Vs Social Body Language
Everyone can read social body language. However, reading business body language can be difficult because of the need to be cautious or discrete. Using your instincts will give you an indication that you may not be getting all the facts or that something is not right.
If you learn to read business body language, your
success rate will be much higher
ICA Twenty years' research
We have carried out more than twenty years of research working with major companies, a wide range of authorities, universities and training organisations. We have made important breakthroughs in reading and explaining how business body language works. We teach people how to convert their instincts into useful facts that can be used to improve their business skills.
Concealment or lie?
In business it's easy to justify why people should not reveal everything they are thinking. The trick is to spot when it's happening to us, what to do and how to change the balance. Understanding business body language will give you the advantage.
Banca del Gottardo Your own body language
Just as you may be wary of someone else, maybe your own body language can be revealing or causing concern to others. We have worked with many companies to improve their image resulting in a raised profile and conversion rate.
"Beady or Bambi?" - Eyes can tell you so much
What does it mean when someone's pupils constrict or dilate? Understanding what happens when someone is concealing something or showing interest can be very helpful.
African Development Bank Zones
There are several zones to suit different situations. Get it wrong and you can convey the wrong message, get it right and you can build rapport .
There are many signals that can greatly improve your success rate in meetings, sales, management, presentations, interviewing and negotiating. We can teach your team how to read those signals.
Eye Contact
Do you look someone in the eye to convince them of your sincerity? Many people do and you can leave a bad impression and stall rapport. Where you look and how you look can make a great deal of difference to the trust process
In meetings it can make a great deal of difference if you can see who is the real decision maker, who are the influencers and how to change tactics to get the best results.
African Development Bank
African Development Bank Hand to face gestures
Some gestures can be very revealing. Rubbing, touching and lightly scratching the neck, eye brows, base of the nose suggest that what you think and what you say is in conflict. People may become wary and lose trust.
The Handshake
Something as simple as a handshake can create or damage the rapport process before a meeting even gets going. I have yet to meet anyone who has been taught to shake hands properly.
African Development Bank
Consultant, Trainer and Conference Speaker. Peter Clayton is one of the leading conference speakers in the world. Peter has a number of different talks to suit different needs. Call to discuss - 02380 840376