An open, gregarious person who actively seeks contact with others, Alan develops relationships quickly, and is naturally forthcoming on questions that others might find somewhat personal. Energetic and enthusiastic, he approaches life in a spirit of adventure; other less active types often find his apparently boundless energy difficult to deal with. His natural optimism sometimes leads him to act in ways that others might consider impulsive, but his social confidence and easy charm are sufficient for him to talk himself out of almost any difficult situation.


  • The high levels of enthusiasm and animation in Alan's style are motivating to those around him and help to develop a positive social atmosphere. Often charming, and possessing strong social skills, he responds rapidly to changes of situation (especially in the interpersonal sense) and adapts quickly in such circumstances.


  • Alan's high energy, coupled with his desire to impress others, can lead to his acting in uncontrolled and impulsive ways at times. Because he behaves according to his feelings, and is far less interested in matters of fact and accuracy, others often perceive him as shallow or unreliable.

Communication Style

  • Communication is Alan's most important aspect - he is enthusiastic and energetic when talking to others, being open with his feelings and freely expressing his thoughts with little or no reservation. He is responsive to others' comments, and able to use his strong communicative abilities to talk himself into or out of almost any situation. Relationships are important to Alan, and to a great extent he relies on others' opinions to form his own sense of identity. This can lead him, at times, to make exaggerated claims in order to gain the approval of other people, but he does form strong relationships based on a real interest in others' feelings.

Decision Making

  • The effects of Alan's actions on others are an important factor in his decision-making process - he will normally avoid conclusions that may make him unpopular with others. His rapid, animated pace means that, under certain circumstances, he might reach a judgement based on his own impulses rather than an impartial view of the facts.

Organization and Planning

  • Alan's exuberant, impatient nature does not easily focus on matters of careful planning and efficient organization. His inclination is to act on impulse, reacting from his own feelings about a situation, and
    trusting his social abilities to help him deal with any difficulties that might arise.


  • This extremely outgoing person likes to be the centre of attention; Alan must feel that his colleagues, and others, both like and respect him if he is to feel comfortable in a situation. Clearly, circumstances where his freedom of expression is limited, or where he is forced to work apart from other people, will be difficult for him to cope with.

Managing Style

  • Alan is a capable communicator who can effectively transmit his ideas and instructions, and who prefers to foster an atmosphere of co-operation, rather than authority, in the workplace. One difficulty, in a management context, is his tendency to change his mind without warning, a tendency which, if not properly controlled, can be extremely confusing to his subordinates.

Style of Management Required

  • Alan thrives on excitement and new experiences, and will soon lose motivation if placed in undemanding or repetitive work. He also possesses a strong social drive, and will need to work with other people if he is to operate at his best. An emphasis on this social side by management (for example,through compliments and positive attention) will produce appropriate responses from him.