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Training budgets                               
Even with the recession, money spent on training in the UK has more than doubled in the last ten years.
So many demands
  With so many demands being made on employees, more and more companies realize that good training means the difference between success and failure.
Forward looking companies
Clever companies realize that outsourcing their training requirements can make all the difference to their success
Professional market approach
  More than ever before companies need to be able to professionally market their products and services through a variety of means. Whether it is by telephone, visiting clients, a formal presentation or in a written proposal.
Good training
  The majority of companies also realize that a good training company can make all the difference to their success. A good training company will bring fresh ideas, objectivity and a new motivation to their workforce
Business and personal competencies
  There is an increasing demand for a wide range of business and personal competencies. Today's employees need to display exceptional behavioural skills, the right approach to customer service and first class negotiation skills.
Up to date skills
  On top of this they must have the very latest skills when selling, good personal empathy, tenacity, patience, optimism and good time management. We have spent more than 10,000 hours during the last eighteen years developing a complete range of training courses to allow companies all over the UK face the challenges of today's market place.
Modern training programs
  Our modern training programme enables even the smallest of companies to have access to the best and most innovative training and learning opportunities in the UK at a cost-effective price.
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What makes a good trainer?

We are often asked "Who makes a good trainer?" The easy answer is anyone who understands the subject matter and is enthusiastic enough to transfer that knowledge

Business knowledge
1) Ideally you will have a successful background in business development
2) An understanding of team management
3) Alternatively you may have a background in human resources or general management

Personal traits
1) A good understanding of people
2) The ability to cope with different types of people
3) A natural ability to think on your feet.
4) Empathy, tenacity and a sense of optimism
5) An understanding of team management

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