What you get

You will be given comprehensive training at the end of which you will be skilled to deliver our best-selling training courses

  • Tele-Sales and Selling Skills
  • Advanced Selling Skills
  • The Successful Manager
  • Professional Presentation Skills

Also included

  • Our top selling courses which includes all the modules and workshops.
  • Full training on how to deliver each course, run workshops and make role-play work.
  • All training delegate notes
  • Guidance on how to run a successful training department or business
Results and benefits
At the end of our three-day intensive Training the Trainer course you will be able to expand your career in training with a portfolio of quality courses ready to deliver. You will be able to use our tried and tested courses and methods of training in order to move smoothly and swiftly into a professional training business.
You will be able to:-
  • Deliver training courses
  • Introduce workshops and make role play work
Major benefits
  One of the main benefits of using our courses is being able to save yourself hundreds of wasted hours finding out what works and what doesn't. In our first three years we had plenty of clients and delegates but we did not make much profit. We tried dozens of different approaches, experimenting with selling courses and course delivery. If we could have had access to tried and tested courses back then we would have saved ourselves a lot of wasted time and expense!
Why so many courses?
  There are several reasons for having so many courses to offer, but the main reason is that most companies need a series of “interlocking” courses that cover all areas of business development
  Who do they choose?
  • A company is more likely to choose a trainer who has a complete range of courses.
  • Because it takes so long to design, write and perfect a full range of courses, many trainers have only one or two and miss out on the better and more lucrative contract.
  120 Courses
  For instance, we have delivered more than 120 courses to one company over a three year period. They were happy to give us their training business because of the complete range we had to offer. If we had only the one/two courses we would probably have delivered only 25% of the training they wanted.
  Another reason is enjoyment and variety.
A trainer who has a limited range of modules runs the risk of becoming stale over a period time.
  Running costs
  • Cash flow and working capital is important in any business and we would always recommend keeping costs as low as possible.
  • Because you are selling your time, running costs are low.
    Naturally, you will need to market your services and that can be done through a variety of methods which we would go
    into more detail in your training
Do I need offices?
  It may be that you want to work from an office or think that having an office is important for projecting the right image. Many trainers work from home and companies know this, so they are not put off.
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