This very successful course has been designed for experienced sales people and managers who want to move up to the next level. Delegates will be able to approach senior decision makers as well as policy makers, discuss a range of solutions and put forward their proposal. This course not only explains how to call new prospects and arrange meetings with senior people, it also outlines the rules for winning better business. The programme covers a range of advanced techniques.

This excellent course covers all the essential and important elements that make up a successful advanced campaign. We look at how to win new business in a professional way.
Selecting the right suspects and prospects that suit a successful sales plan.
Creating a framework for strategic business development.
How to sell to Senior Decision Makers as well as Policy Makers.
Important rules for getting meetings with Senior Decision Makers.
A great technique for getting receptionists to put you through to Decision Makers.
How to structure new calls and visits for better success.
Essential skills required in a changing market place.
How to create rapport at all levels.
We look at different buying preferences of customers at different levels.
How to sell to different prospects at different levels.
A range of questions used to develop each part of the sale.
How to avoid problems and gain commitment.
How to match your solutions to customers’ individual needs and buying preferences.
The process for dealing with issues and complex objections.
Different techniques for different prospects.
How and when to present your ideas and solutions.
How to read business body language.
How and when to change sales tactics.

Every delegate will be able to get past obstacles, through to decision makers and policy makers, deal with issues and objections in a far more professional way with answers that are significantly better and refreshingly different.

Sales people who have attended this course have reported significant improvement in all areas of the sales process. They leave with a better insight into how to overcome their weaknesses and improve their selling skills. They also leave with far more confidence and are able to approach prospecting with renewed enthusiasm

New prospects will be much easier to negotiate with and closing the sale will become automatic.
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