This very successful course has been designed for professional people who market their products or services in a professional and/or technical market place. Designed and written to suit companies who need to sell in a structured way. Delegates will be able to approach new companies in a professional way that suits and respects the situation. This course explains how to go about developing business contacts at a professional level that will be appreciated by those who you approach.

This important course covers all the essential and important elements that make up a successful campaign. We look at how to approach professional and technical prospects and create new contacts for your company.
How to obtain new contacts and greatly improve your chances of business success.
How to obtain all the information you need to make sure you're talking to the right person.
What to say to receive genuine help, support and advice from receptionists and influencers.
How to make successful calls and visits that will build rapport in a professional way.
How to discuss issues and deal with obstacles in a constructive and methodical way.
How to adapt your approach to build confidence with different departments.
How to create new prospects by networking existing clients using a consultative process.
Negotiating the result you want in a professional manner.
How and when to change sales tactics.
Different techniques for finishing each call or meeting on a positive note.
Business Body Language.

RESULTS:Every delegate will be able to make professional calls, talk to contacts and cope with obstacles and issues in a professional way with answers that suit the market place they work in.

New prospects will be much easier to negotiate with and closing the sale will become automatic. Call 02380 840376 for more information