Ever since William Marston designed the DISC system in 1928, it has proved to be of immense value in the workplace. Companies are better able to recruit the right people for each department. Teams work better together and provide winning results. DISC profiling allows anyone to analyse how different people will react in different circumstances. Throughout this course, we look at what Personality Profiling is and the benefits of using the DISC system. We look at how to administer and interpret DISC Profile results. We explain how to use profiling within your organization to greatly improve recruitment, retention, team building, communication, conflict resolution, management development and more.

This very effective course helps individuals and companies develop an effective recruitment program and the insight to motivate at all levels. It builds fundamental skills that are crucial for effective teamwork and communication. Designed for managers, team leaders, sales people and HR specialists who want to improve the way they recruit, communicate and manage their employees as well as improving the way new business is won.
History and background of DISC and the different behavioural styles.
Overview of the four DISC Profiles - Dominance - Influence - Steadiness - Compliance.
Understand the diverse values and approach of each profile.
How and why decisions are made and whether someone is task or people oriented.
Appreciate the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of each profile.
Understand how people see themselves and others and an insight into their behaviour.
Learn different ways of handling conflict based on the DISC system.
Understand how to adapt your own approach for greatly improved results.
Learn how to use profiling to improve team management.
How profiling will greatly increase your hit rate.
How to determine business needs when recruiting new people.
By identifying and understanding different personalities delegates will be equipped to motivate others towards greater productivity and personal success.

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