This course has been designed for experienced sales people and managers who are deal with senior policymakers and senior decision-makers. reading body language at this level is essential. Delegates will be able to translate the signals that people in business prefer to hide. This will give you the advantage and you will know when to move forwards, when to back off, when to close and how far you can push in negotiations. The programme covers the body language of different profiles as well as important management and selling skills.

This excellent course covers all the essential about body language that make up a successful advanced business campaign. We look at how to read and respond to senior people.
What body language really is and how to read all the signs and signals used in business
Why business body language is very different that social body language
How body language affects the rapport building process and how prevent mistakes
Understand how to use body language sell and negotiate at senior level
Strategies and tactics used to get better results
How to change the situation to your advantage when selling
How to get better results out of individuals and a team
How to apply the skills needed for consultative selling
How to get on an even level Senior Decision Makers as well as Policy Makers
The process for dealing with signals from several people in meetings
Changing your own body language when negotiating

Every delegate will be able to read business body language, deal with obstacles, issues and objections in a far more professional in a professional way and achieve significantly better results.

Delegates who have attended this course have reported significant improvement in all areas of the business process. They leave with a better insight into how to overcome their weaknesses and improve their business skills.

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