New to sales? There are a number of parts to every sale and it is important to get them right. Miss one out or get one wrong and your hit rate will suffer and so will your morale. We look at all the problems facing new people in sales who have to deal with receptionists and then build rapport with busy decision makers and have answers to objections that work. Our research shows that new salespeople who attend this course get off to a good start and go on to be successful.


This course will build a good foundation for those new to selling. Delegates will be able to handle receptionists and secretaries, get through to decision makers, develop rapport, overcome objections and win the business.

How to improve your selling confidence
Selling techniques for finding new business
Developing a sales plan that will enable you to be successful and hit target
Sales time and call objectives
How to structure a successful sales call so rapport building is much easier
Preparing to make new calls
Making successful sales calls with receptionists and decision makers
How to handle problems with receptionists and get through to more decision makers
Establishing customer needs
Presenting your sales case
Building trust and respect by asking the right questions
How voice speed, inflection, resonance and tone can dramatically affect your hit rate
Using different types of question for the best results
Our award winning formula for handling objections
How and when to ask for the business and close the sale

Every delegate will be able to get past receptionists, through to decision makers and deal with obstacles, issues and objections in a far more professional way with answers that are significantly better and refreshingly different.

New salespeople who have attended this course have reported significant improvement in all areas of the sales process. They leave with a better insight into how to overcome their weaknesses and improve their selling skills. They also leave with far more confidence and are able to approach prospecting with renewed enthusiasm

New prospects will be much easier to negotiate with and closing the sale will become automatic. Call 02380 840376 for more information